Sarah Cambell is the 15 year old main character of the story, whom found the Characters in a crashed airplane in the woods near her home. Ever since then, she has been taking care of the Characters, protecting them from


Sarah Cambell

human eyes while leading a team called PFC (Protection for Characters).


Sarah is usually seen wearing black clothing (seeing as how she is a tough girl), her clothing many times being the following; Hoodies, boots, baggy pants, sleaveless shirts, finger-less gloves, etc. Her hair is usually kept in a ponytail, wearing a dogtag around her neck, while not wearing any makeup at all. She often nags to others about how they dress, such as dresses or wearing makeup or jewelry and tells them it is better to wear black then something as noticable as bright colors.


Sarah found the Characters back in the summer of 2008 and has been watching them ever since in their new home called the Tower, which was built sometime in 2009. She claims to be their Protector and their bodyguard, while also being protected herself. She has grown very close to both the villains and heroes and watches over them like a hawk. She is also the Leader of the Organization she started herself called PFC, which stands for Protection of Characters. Her bestfriends are Sakura, Daniella and Lucy.

Love InterestsEdit

Sarah has never had any crushes on any human boys, instead having crushes on the Characters, whom are always dark, mysterious or have the bad-boy material. Her love interests include; Kadaj, Zexion, Chaud Blaze and Shadow Link. Sarah has recently fallen in love with Daniella's character, Blake, whom was created to always be by her side. Sarah also has three admirers; 17 year old Rex Tazer, an alien who dreams of marrying her, a last of his kind Prince, Neio Abig and Kuja, who thinks she is sweet, kind and everything he's dreamed of.

However, she now has a crush on her long-time human friend, KR, who is one of the members of PFC. Although it isn't confirmed by Sarah herself, everyone refers to KR as her boyfriend, which brings out a great amount of frustration from Sarah soon afterwards. ==




Date of Birth

May 1st, 1995 (15)



Hair color

Brown, with thin black streaks

Eye color



Maelynn Cambell


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